Cartoon animation about DmC

An animation about the DmC E3 gameplay trailer. Animation created by yours truly.

How to record your gameplay from your PC

Learn how to record everything off your computer screen including audio perfectly

Will disappointed fans reconsider DmC?

The second official trailer of Dmc's gamplay has finally been released

E3 announces the Wii U

Nintendo's brand new soon to be released game console is announced

Assassin's Creed Revelations walkthrouh trailer

Ezio concludes his story in the upcoming Assassin's Creed

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My E3 2012 game personal picks

After watching the 2012 E3 event live via my ps3, I had seen some pretty awesome previews of games that would be released in the future. I was anticipating a few particular games. I'm just going to share my personal top five picks

1) Hitman: I first heard about Hitman at the beginning of the year on Square-Enix's website but didn't think much of it. After seeing the E3 trailers about it, I was sold on the game. A devilishly handsome stoic, stone cold killer? I'm a sucker for those types. And once again, Square-Enix dose not disappoint with there detailed filled crystal clear graphics. I've never played any of the Hitman games but now is a great time to start

2) DMC: Okay, Okay, I know I criticized this game in the past. But I don't take it back. It the fans of Devil May Cry didn't complain about his persona in the very first game trailer that was released, we'd probably still have cigarette smoking, crack head looking, emo boy as Dante. The consent of the game looks interesting and it looks like they've kept the original fighting gameplay with guns and a sword like previous Devil May Cry games. Along with Dante's "I don't give a crap deal with it attitude" Looks like the reboot won't be so bad after all.

3)The Last of Us: The gameplay of this game is what drew me in. In my option gameplay that requires the player to be desecrate and stealthy just more challenging which lets me really get into the game. This seem like the type of game that will keep my eyes glued to the screen with the unexpected sneak attacks

4) Beyond Two Souls: This game stired up a lot of questions for me. What's going on? Who's that girl? Why is that happening? I'm just really anxious to find out for myself so I had to put this on my top picks. It also looks like the type of game that requires you to know the charter you play as on a personal level. Having some sort of experience while I play a game is really important to me. Being in their shoes, feeling there fears, sadness, and happiness, is what really draws me into a game.

5) Watch Dogs: The gameplay of Watch Dogs reminded me a lot of Grand Theft Auto VI. I was very impressed with the crisp and detailed graphics. There's a lot of realistic interaction with the people, scenery, and obstiticals in the game. And I like the consent of society being so reliable on technology that it's what makes the people vulnerable.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I will be closing this blog down soon because I hardly use it. But feel free to follow my other blog. I will be writing in it more. REALLY interesting stuff about to happen by the way...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My animation about the DmC E3 trailer

I've been busy for the past few days working on my own project. I while ago I created a video called, "Nero's reaction to Devil May Cry 5 preview" which is about the new Devil May Cry 5 game, known as DmC. The "m" is lowercase for some reason. I have no idea why. The video became very popular which surprised me. It received more then 50K views. I'm so thankful for that!

This is the first animation I have ever done and also the first one I shared on the internet. This animation took me a while to make. I've always know creating an animation would take time and patents. It's a good thing I enjoy drawing. Check out the video for yourself.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to record your gameplay from your PC

When people want to record the screen of the game they are playing, they will usually just grab a camcorder and start recording, then upload it on the internet for other people to see. Do you think people will enjoy watching a blurry unclear video? Maybe so, but it will definitely look unprofessional. You might not care that your video recording looks unprofessional, but chances are people will just go search for a more high quality video of the same thing. That is, unless what you are recording is truly unique and original.

The gameplay I post up here is recoded straight off my computer with a certain software called Auto Screen Recorder. Click on the link to go to the page to download it. It's a very easy recording software, the only thing you need to worry about is having enough memory to save the footage you are recording. It all depends on how much of the screen you want to record and how long the video is. I recommend at least 1 GB for a 12 minute video of the whole screen.

After you download and install Auto Screen Recorder, launch it and click on "try" to use the unregistered version. I'm using a registered version just so you know. Make sure you are on the "From" tab. The srceenshot above makes it pretty self explanatory. Everything is listed there by default. As you can see, you press F9 to start and stop recording. Under "Add" you have the opinion to add sound, mouse clicker, autotext, watermark, and multiple monitors. I'm not familiar with using the watermark, and multiple monitors options. I just use autotext to watermark my video.

Adding the sound can be a little bit of a challenge. Some computers have a built in option to record audio straight off their computer crystal clearly. Mine doesn't. It took me a while to figure out how to get crisp sounding audio. For a short while, I would have to turn up the speakers really loud while recoding. Which made it sound kind of muffled. Here's how to record the sound so it sounds crystal clear. First:

1) make sure your sound option is set to microphone. Do this by clicking on "options" next to "sound".

2) Then "select an audio import device" a little recording control window will pop up. Click "options" and then "properties".

3) Make sure the "microphone" box is checked under "show the following volume controls". Then click OK.

Now you need a standard stereo mini jacks (cable cord). I don't have those so I search around my house for some input and and output plugs that were the exact same size of the input jack part of headphones. Here's what I found:

A total of three cords.I had to connect these three in a certain order.

It looks weird but works perfectly. Since the jack is plugged into the headphones you won't be able ti hear the audio. Just record, save, and your all done.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

PlayStation's new handheld console displays PS3 quality graphics

I'm really excited about this! Playstation has announced their next generation handheld devicae called, PlayStation Vita. They say it's powerful enough to give you the PS3 experience. I've only seen video reviews form E3 and I'm already sold on this. The beautiful 5" OLED display touch screen is not only bigger the the PSP, but make the games look absolutely stunning and flawless. The new handheld will include not one, but two analog sticks. It also has a touch panel on the back side that can be used in gameplay. They've seen to adapted to using a screen display similar to the Ipod touch. And the line-up of games to be released for the PlayStation Vita are pretty impressive such as:

Little Big Planet
Little Deviants
Street Fighter X Tekken
Uncharted Golded Abyss

Unlike the PSP version of Little Big Planet, with Vita's powerful processor, this version will feature all the levels made in the PS3 version as well as the touchscreen gameplay. It's strange because a lot of times I would wish the PSP had graphics as good as the PS3, and that now exists. The fact that Playstaion is able to put so much content from the PS3 into their new handheld version blows me away. The PlayStation Vita will be released by December 2011. So put it on your Christmas list kids!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Were fans wrong about DmC?

The official gameplay trailer of the upcoming came DmC, or Devil May Cry 5, was revealed during E3. I've been waiting to here more news about this particular game for a while now. The first trailer for DmC had fans confused, disappointed, and even enraged about the reboot of the game franchise, as well as a change of the original Dante character. In my previous blog entry, I wrote about how disappointed I was with the reboot of the Devil May Cry game franchise. And I was pretty passionate about that subject. Some would call it ranting. While most people were in the same boat with, me others had a 'let's wait and see' attitude. And I partially thought I should wait until I saw actual gameplay of it.

I'll admit, the music in the new trailer is pretty sick. They gave us more of an idea of what the plot will be about. Especially the words that read, "Their truth is a lie, their city is an illusion, do not except the world as it is". I predict the town must be some sort of brainwashing physicality or prison.

The game seems to have left several trademark fight moves we're all familiar with in the Devil May Cry such games, as gunning down demons, and sword slashing jump moves. The trailer also shows that with a spicific move, his hair changes white. That's a relief to the fans who where upset about his hair color. Like the previous DMC games, there are demons lurking in the streets. But this game is still questionable. We still don't know how the story will actually go. Although, it seems like there's a chance this game won't turn out as bad as we fans thought, but it's still to soon to say so. So for now, I'm going to stick with my opinion. Hopefully, more trailers about DMC will be released soon.

Is the Wii U going to be a hit?

It's been announced during E3, that Nintendo would soon release their new gaming console in 2012 called the Wii U. This new gaming device features a new tablet controller touch screen.

The Wii U won't play DVD's or Blu-Ray. If fact, the tablet controller seems to be the main feature then the actual console. The tablet has some similarity functions like an Ipad. With the tablet controller, you can play games even when the TV is off. It allows you to browse the internet, make video calls, view games in a different perspective, and even use it as a drawing tablet. The Wii U has also won over some third-party developers such as Tekken, Assassin's Creed, and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge.

So this is a new console in 2011 that matches the power of the 360 which came out in 2005. Featuring huge bulky controller and a third-party lineup of games that are already expected on PS3 and 360. I'm not sold on the multi platform ports or the new console. All those features are nice, but don't really impress me. Like I've said before, it's all about how amazing the gameplay is. If you don't got good games, you don't got jack. So if you already have a Wii, PS3, or 360 I don't recommend this new console. It just seems unnecessary.

Choosing your gaming platform

When it comes to games you need to have a proper platform to play your games on. But does it really matter? You might think so. That is, unless you don't care how smooth the games will run or how much the your gaming platform will cost. I say, it does matter.

One mistake I made when I first purchased a PC game, was not realizing that you need a computer that will be able to run newer released games. That was a huge disappointment for me because my computer couldn't run those kinds of games. And those gaming computers are pretty expensive. Most are over $1000. For today's standers of game, your computer needs to meet certain requirements.

You can see what specific games your computer will be able to run by going to Can You Run It? It will analyze your computer and tell you exactly what you need.

Platforms built for games like Playstation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360 are a different story. We know they have the requirements to run games, but these more depend on preference. Out of the three gaming consoles, more people have either and Xbox or a Wii. Why is that? It could because both of them cost less then a PS3. Xbox gaming systems seem to be promoted more then a PS3. This year, one company even give college students a chance to get one for free with the purchase of a laptop. Wii games are marketed with an affordable price and family friendliness.

I prefer a PS3 because of what it's beautiful graphics and all my favorite games are with the PS3. Plus it had Blu-ray. But the most popular gaming console in history is the PS2. It's the only one that lasted over a decade!

In the end it's all about preference. What the people want matters. So do you want a game platform with powerful graphics, or do you prefer certain kinds of games? Choose wisely.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Assassin’s Creed Revelations walkthrouh trailer

Watch this six minute walkthrough of the soon to be released game, Assassin’s Creed Revelations. In Ezio's final chapter, Assassin's Creed Revelations, Ezio is on a personal quest in search of the secrets left behind by legendary Altair.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

God of war: Ghost of Sparta review

When I went to Gamestop I had to choose between three games I wanted. God of War Ghost of Sparta, Dissidia Final Fantasy 012, and The Third birthday. The game I ended up getting was God of War, although I thought Dissidia Final Fantasy would be a better choice.

I should have listened to my instincts. The whole gameplay of God of war was not very entertaining for me. The game took me only 4 to beat. And I only played for about 4 hours a day. There where some extra things at the end but I didn't even feel like doing them. Just felt tedious to me. So I returned the game and exchanged it for Dissidia Final Fantasy 012.

As usual, Square-Enix never fails to amuse me with it's stunning graphics. I really like the elegant background music in it. So why did I like Dissidia better the War? Well, the gameplay will definitely be longer, as all Final fantasy games usually are. More cutsceens, more characters, more game features, and of course, the soundtrack. But it's all about preference. If I had a PS3 my decision might have been different.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My gameplay of Nyan Cat FLY! (meow)

So... basically the game is to move a cat made of pop tarts around to get the sweet junk food instead of the nasty healthy veggies lol. The music is kind of addictive.

Got a high score of 11,722! Can you beat that?

Play the game!

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